Internship for students

Out of university and into professional practice: we are happy to give students the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes of a modern municipal utility as part of an internship.

We offer internships for students in the following fields

  • Business Administration/Controlling
  • Finance and accounting
  • Sales/Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology/Data Processing
  • Real estate management
  • Production
  • Environmental technology/environmental management
  • Technical areas (electricity, district heating, gas, water, waste water)
  • Transport technology

Take the initiative

We are looking forwart to receiving your application with the following details:

  • desired field/ topic
  • desired period
  • if you do not yet have a topic: Please use our website. Which areas and projects do you find exciting and match your field of study?
  • curriculum vitae
  • current certificate of enrolment and academic achievements
  • For compulsory internships: extract from the study or examination regulations describing the requirements for the internship
  • Proof of previous degrees, internships, part-time work, etc.

Apply for an internship