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"Sweet and sour sauna" - the Asian sauna night

Apr 12, 2024 | GalaxSea leisure pool | Jena | GalaxSea

These highlights await you on sauna evenings: themed shows, delicious culinary specials, musical productions and the magical design of the sauna landscape.

Let yourself be whisked away into a wonderful world of saunas and experience an unforgettable evening with us at GalaxSea!

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Event information:
Name"Sweet and sour sauna" - the Asian sauna night
OrganizerJenaer Bäder und Freizeit GmbH
Single Event
Von:Apr 12, 2024 um 7:00 PM Uhr
Bis:Apr 12, 2024 um 11:30 PM Uhr
Type Vor Ort
Category Galaxsea
Division Jenaer Bäder