Sauna at the GalaxSea

So much more than just sweating. 


Here it is hyggelig and hot!

  • For every need: sauna variety 
  • For all senses: sauna infusion plan
  • For the palate: culinary delights

spaOur sauna variety


Finnish sauna 90 °C

To the infusion plan

Get your circulation going by sweating in our newest modernly-designed sauna with light effects and a free-standing infusion oven that properly heats up the room.

Log cabin sauna 95 °C

To the infusion plan

Can you smell the wooden scents? This sauna offers hot 95°C in a rustic ambience and a view of the pond in the sauna garden. The infusions that heat up this sauna change according to the season.

Steam room 45 °C

To the infusion plan

Water steam lays itself on your body in a warming manner, pleasant natural aromas flow through your senses. The combination of warmth and moisture cleanses and nourishes your skin. Time to dream.

Biosauna 55 °C

To the infusion plan

The high humidity and additional light effects will help you find maximum relaxation from daily life. By the way: The bio sauna is perfectly suitable for sauna novices and children from the age of 3.

Caldarium 45 to 55 °C

To the infusion plan

A pleasant warmth flows through your entire body. Heated benches and a high humidity will help you forget the stress of everyday life. The caldarium is also recommended for babies and small children.

  • Activate your circulation with water treading 

    Give it a try and get into our Kneipp pool for some water treading. This intensive water-based treatment for your body supports your metabolism and arterial blood circulation. Moreover, it is fun! Can you feel the energy? 

  • Cool off with the help of a pool & an ice fountain 

    Freeeezing and afterwards you feel full of energy. After your sauna session, experience the ultimate way to cool off by taking a dip in one of our cold diving pools or by using the crushed ice from the ice fountain. The resulting change in temperature you experience increases well-being and promotes blood circulation. Do you dare to go from hot to cold? 

  • Off into nature! 

    Dive into another world in between sauna sessions. Discover the garden with its log cabin sauna, Morgenland sauna, water lily pond and its spacious sunbathing area nestled in nature.

  • Refuel in the Sauna-Restaurant  

    Sweating in the sauna can make one hungry. In our restaurant, you can choose between light dishes and hearty meals that will replenish your energy at the end of a relaxing day at the sauna. Take a look at our menu.


 10 tips for a perfect day at the sauna 

It is not advised to go into a sauna session with a full or an empty stomach. We are happy to welcome you in our restaurant, where you can enjoy tasty dishes ahead of your next sauna session. 

Shower and dry off properly before your first sauna session. This will remove the greasy film from your skin and stimulate sweating. 

A warm foot bath will prepare your body properly for the high sauna temperatures and in addition, will stimulate sweating. 

Cleanliness and hygiene are very important to us. Therefore, we kindly ask you to use our showers in the sauna area before beginning your day at the sauna and after every sauna session before using the pool facilities. Further, when you want to sit or lie down somewhere (also in a sauna), please always place a towel underneath you first. Shoes have to be taken off before entering a sauna. 

The duration of a sauna session depends on one's personal wellbeing. Heat rises, thus, sauna newbies might find it more pleasant to sit on one of the lower benches. If you lie down during your sauna session, stay seated for a bit before leaving the sauna in order for your circulation to stabilize. 

A typical sauna session lasts between approximately 8-12 minutes, but should never exceed the 15-minute-mark. 

Get some fresh air after leaving the sauna, as what your body now needs is  oxygen. Feel how the cold air streams through your lungs. Afterwards, cool off your body by taking a cold shower. Following this, you could also take a dip in the pool.  

After your sauna session, a warm foot bath will regulate your body temperature completely. 

Relax! Use our quiet-zone to give your body the relaxation it needs and leave behind your mobile devices . Do you want to read something? Please feel free to help yourself to the reading material provided in our reading corner. If you happen to use your mobile device for reading, we kindly ask you to cover your camera lenses with a sticker in order to protect the privacy of the other sauna guests. Such stickers can be found in the restaurant area. 

Due to one's increased amount of sweating in the sauna, one's body looses a large amount of liquid. Subsequently, the body's liquid storages need to be replenished as soon as possible after a sauna session. Mineral water is perfectly suited for fulfilling this task. And even though wheat beer has become a bit of an integral part of sauna for some people, mineral water remains to be the best and healthiest option for giving your body back its liquids.