Birthday-adventure in the GalaxSea

So much more than blowing out candles.

Have fun with the exciting jungle-party:

  • Funny animated games
  • Great offer of jungle-menus 
  • Free entry for the birthday child 
  • Seat on our jungle-throne 

► Let the party begin!

Dig in!

What comes with an adventure birthday party, swimming and co.? Perfectly right: a huge appetite! To solve this problem, we have a selection of 4 gourmand-variants on offer: 

Savoury platter

Chicken-nuggets | Hedgehog-style sausages | Mini-pizza | Fish figures | Fries | Jungle-lemonade

Vegetarian platter

Pizza Magherita | Fries | Veggie-nuggets | Pasta with tomato sauce | Jungle-lemonade

Sweet platter

Pancakes with apple sauce | Donut | Mini-pizza | fruit plate (Fingerfood) | Selection of sweets | Jungle-lemonade

Hot chocolate and cake

A cup of hot chocolate and a piece of cake, according to offer

The full program for your party 

Our animation team offers 60 minutes of fun games with small jungle-presents - in and at the water. 

Games for the 3- to 6-years old*

Coconut-race I Chasing bananas I Crocodile-race I Piranha-diving I Roll-up snakes

* games suitable for non-swimmers

Games for the 6- to 12-years old*

Liana-jumping I Snake-swimming I Piranha-chasing I Coconut-race I Crocodile-race

* Games suitable for swimmers

 What you need to know

A reservation is mandatory. Please book minimum 14 days before your desired date. 

Please note: The offers are not available during Thuringian school holidays as well as on public holidays

When booking a birthday party for children, it is necessary that at least one parent, legal guardian or other entitled person be present at the party (min. 2 persons for group of 7 children or more).

For the jungle-packages no. 3 and 4 with animation, a minimum of 5 participating children is necessary. Currently only bookable for Sundays.

The consumption of own food and beverages is not allowed. 

Birthday children have free access on the day of their birthday (proof necessary) 

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