Jena pools set an example for diversity and cosmopolitanism

Jun 19, 2024, 10:08:03 AM | Jenaer Bäder | Aktuelles | GalaxSea | Video | Weltoffen

Our Managing Director Susan Zetzmann has made a clear statement in a new video: Diversity and cosmopolitanism are at the heart of the Jena-based company. The video shows how important these values are for us and how they enrich our everyday lives.

Why is that so? Over 140 people from 13 different nations work in the Jena offices. This colorful mix of different backgrounds and life experiences is what makes us special and brings a breath of fresh air to our work.

The entire team pulls together and every guest is very welcome here. We are proud to be able to welcome so many different people to our hotel.

Our values and commitment: respect, appreciation, tolerance and safety are particularly important to us. This is the only way that people from different cultures can enjoy our facilities together. We firmly believe that diversity is our strength and actively work to create an inclusive environment in which every guest feels valued.

Through our involvement in the initiative „Weltoffenes Thüringen“ we set an example for freedom, solidarity, tolerance and inclusion. Our goal is to make the Jenaer Bäder, the city and Thüringen a place where everyone is welcome.

Click here for the video: