More modern, more family-friendly: ideas developed for the conversion of the GalaxSea

Mar 1, 2024, 10:37:41 AM | Jenaer Bäder | Aktuelles, Pressemitteilungen | GalaxSea

Jenaer Bäder- und Freizeitgesellschaft is currently developing plans for the conversion of the GalaxSea leisure pool and is presenting these to the city of Jena's committees.

A package of measures is planned that will serve the energetic refurbishment of the leisure pool, which opened 22 years ago. Up to 30 percent of energy is to be saved by modernizing the swimming pool and ventilation technology, various insulation measures, the separation of water circuits and a spatial separation of the bathing areas with different air and water temperature levels. The Jena-based company intends to apply for funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) for this part of the project.

On the other hand, various measures are planned to increase the attractiveness of the GalaxSea. Following the opening of the indoor sports pool in Lobeda-West, the GalaxSea's profile as an adventure pool for children and families and as an oasis of relaxation for adults and senior citizens is to be enhanced. The aim is to attract additional visitors, increase revenue and boost the pool's profitability. There are two options for the conversion, which differ mainly in terms of whether the existing 25-metre swimming pool will be retained.

The preferred option of the Jenaer Bäder- und Freizeitgesellschaft is the variant without the 25-meter swimming pool. This could be converted into a 12.5-meter pool and used multifunctionally for swimming, diving and courses. This would free up space to create attractive family and children's pools, as well as additional sunbathing areas for guests.

The two options are currently being presented to the municipal committees and the city council. A decision on implementation will be made by the Supervisory Board of Stadtwerke Jena, probably at the meeting in mid-March. The plans could then be fleshed out by the end of May and the funding applied for. Once the funding has been approved and the tender has been successful, work could begin by mid-2025 at the earliest.