Report your current meter readings 

This is done quickest online. All you need for this is your customer- and meter number.

Report meter readings


Alternatively, you are welcome to report your current meter readings together with your customer- and meter number via phone or mail:

  03641 688-366


In general, you do not have to report any meter readings. 

Once a year, your reader is read in order to generate your annual consumption bill. We will inform you in good time about the exact date this will be done.

On the day of the meter-reading, the responsible field workers will be on site and read the meters. In case of absence, you can attach your meter readings clearly visible on the front door. If you are not at home, a card for reading your meter on your own will be left in your mailbox. Please use the card to read your meter. Afterwards, please send the meter reading to the address indicated on the card.

Should your meter reading be missing at the time of the invoice generation, the meter reading will generally be estimated based on your consumption in the previous year or based on comparable costumer consumption.