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Also in the near future, most houses and flats in Germany will be heated with natural gas - either directly or in combination with renewable energies. Compared to heating with oil or other fossil fuels, this is the more environmentally firendly alternative. This is because natural gas emits low levels of COwhen burning, which makes it less harmful to the climate. 

Our natural gas provides comfortably warm rooms and hot water, which is appreciated especially in the gastronomic or production sector.

That is why we have designed our jenaGas to meet many needs. For price stability in the products or flexibility in the basic supply. For contracts with and without paper. And adjusted to different consumption levels: you are always automaticaly placed in the most favourable level for you.

Find out what suits you best. Here you can find our offers.

Stay up to date

Especially nowadays, the volatility of the energy market alongside related legislative changes might affect your energy contract. In order to make it easier for you to find your way through the jungle of information, we have put together some relevant information. 

Gas procurement levy removed again 

At the press conference on 29th of September, the federal government announced that 200 billion euros would be provided in order to bring down the prices for electricity and natural gas. As a result, it was decided to remove the gas procurement levy retroactively. 

The levy is not charged to Stadtwerke Energie customers and is not included in the currently valid prices. 

Important contract components

download General Terms and Conditions Natural Gas from 1. January 2023

download General Terms and Conditions Natural Gas until 31. December 2022

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