Our useful tips on saving energy

Saving energy expenses in everyday life - we show you how this is possible. Because: the cheapest (and most eco-friendly) kilowatt hour is the one that is not consumed.

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Saving electricity: that's how it works

Declare war on power guzzlers - because with every kilowatt hour you save, you reduce your electricity costs. Therefore, you should know how high the consumption of each electrical appliance actually is.

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Heating optimally: that's how it works

Heating in the optimal way helps to reduce your heating costs. It does not matter whether you are tenant or proprietor - with some simple measures, everybody can have an eye on their consumption and, in this way, save costs.

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Saving water: that's how it works

In daily life, there are various ways to save water. Reducing your consumption of hot water is especially effective. In this way, you also save the energy that is necessary to heat the water.

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Saving energy

Each not-consumed kilowatt hour reduces costs and protects the environment.

Top 5 tips for saving

Turning down your heating for one degree saves about six percent of energy. Simply reduce the room temperature from 21 to 20 degrees, for instance.

Washing hands with cold water, showering instead of taking a bath, and water-saving shower heads or tap aerators help to save hot water and to reduce costs.

Stand-by operation of electrical devices is practical, but also expensive. Therefore, it is better to connect your TV, receiver, Wi-Fi router and the like to a power strip that can be switched off when not needed.

Wash your clothes at a low temperature 830 to 40 degrees) and use economy programmes. If possible, choose the eco-mode for the dishwasher as well. This saves water and energy.

Refrigerators are often set too cold. 7 °C inside and -18 °C in the freezer compartment are generally quite sufficient. Every degree less costs 10 % more energy.

Some good advice is not expensive at all

Saving energy protects the environment and your wallet. Stadtwerke Energie is also actively committed to energy efficiency and renewable energies and, together with you, contributes to climate protection. Our energy advisor will provide you with competent information on energy-saving measures in your household. Contact us or make an appointment free of charge.


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The energy consulting for households with lower income.

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