Our wallbox-packages: For everybody who wants to charge their e-car at home. 

Having your own charging facility at home is an important criterion when purchasing an electric car. This allows you to use longer idle times - e. g. overnight - to charge your vehicle. 

Find the ideal solution for charging your electric car with us. Charge the battery with private charging technology in the comfort and safety of your own home.

Ideal: our 100 % green electricity.

Wallbox including installation package - our economical offers.

By choosing one of our charging-options, you do not only purchase a wallbox, but also receive a carefree-package. The price offer always includes an installation package additional to the wallbox. 

It's as easy as this: You choose the wallbox that suits your necessities best, and we take care of the rest. 

In this way, charging at home becomes quite simple.

According to your needs - our wallboxes at a glance 


  • up to 11 kW charging capacity
    depending on vehicle and grid operator 

  • integrated charging cable
    start charging process at any time - no longer searching for cables in the car boot

  • ADAC-Test winner
    graded with 1,0 (ADAC Motorwelt 12/2018)


star Our offering price

Wallbox incl. installation package

only 1,950 € (gross)

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Product details

  • High value and functional design with integrated cable suspension 
  • Size (B x H x D): 272 x 221 x 116 mm

  • Weight: 4.5 kg

  • Device with IP-mechanical rating: IP54

  • Type-2 charging cable according to EN62196-2, length ca. 6.35 m

  • Charging capacity up to 11 kW

download Product sheet ABL eMH1


Webasto Next

  • up to 11 kW charging capacity
    depending on vehicle and grid operator

  • intelligent charging 
    thanks to a compatible external energy management system (EMS), a controlled charging process using surplus solar energy is possible

  • Scan & Charge 
    fast and secure authentification with QR-code 


star Our offering price

Wallbox incl. installation package

only 2,350 € (gross)

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Product details
  • Quality wallbox “Made in Germany”​

  • Measurements (B x H x D): 225 x 447 x 116 mm

  • Weight: 5.3 kg (incl. 7 m cable)

  • Device with IP-mechanical rating: IP54

  • Control, monitoring and analysis per app and ChargeConnect Portal​

  • Connection possible with EMS and PV-systems​

  • Type-2 chargin cable according to gmäß EN62196-1 and EN 62196-2, length 7 m – integrated cable suspension and plug socket 

  • Maximum charging capacity 11 kW (configurable from 3.7 kW up to 11 kW)​

Note: The Webasto next can be integrated in the following energy management systems (EMS):  arrow_forward List

download Product sheet Webasto Next


Services included in installation package 

The installation is already included in the overall offers. After you have ordered the appropriate wallbox package, our trade partner will arrange an on-site appointment with you to check the conditions and for installation.

The installation package includes:



  • ​​Journey to site
    (Grid area Stadtwerke Jena Netze GmbH and TEN Thüringer Energienetze GmbH & Co. KG)
  • Professional installation of wallbox 
  • Connection to existing electronic system 
  • Assessment, activation and briefing on controlling 
  • Registration of wallbox with the local grid operator 


  • Up to 15 m cable in installation conduit or channel 
  • Two times wall-penetration up to 40cm
  • Data cable, 15 m
  • Ground fault interruptor type A
  • Automatic circuit breaker, 3-pole
  • Fittings


Further offers

Well combined: SonnenLaden

Our package SonnenLaden is the perfect combination of solar system, storage system and wallbox - all from one single source and including installation. 

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jenaturStrom Tag&Nacht

Charge your electric car also at home with 100 % green electricity. This is possible with Tag&Nacht, our cheap tariff for charging-current.

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Our charging card

Public charging made simple. With the Stadtwerke-charging card, you can re-charge with electricity at public charging stations all over Europe. 

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Further information for e-mobilists
Charging options for landlords and flat owners 

With buying an e-car, many tenants and flat owners will want to charge their car also at home. Demand is growing, and a charging option at home is becoming a more and more important criterion when choosing or buying a flat. 


Are you a tenant and would like to have a charging station at your parking lot?

Promoting electromobility implies for us to also establish private charging stations for tenants. For this matter, we work closely with the housing sector and have already implemented different projects.