Electromobility - climate-friendly on the road with green electricity

Clean, quiet, comfortable, environmentally friendly: driving an electric car is fun and protects the environment. That's why more and more people are currently opting for the modern alternative to diesel & co. We at Stadtwerke have been committed to a mobility shift towards driving with electricity for years. Now we are looking forward to starting an electro-mobile future with you.

You are already driving electrically or planning to buy an e-car?  

We offer you an all-round electro-mobile service: From the wallbox for charging at home to the charging card for while on the road and the right charging tariff - of course with the 100 % ecological jenaturStrom

Suitable charging technology for your home

Convenient and safe - charge your car with your private wallbox. 

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Public charging with charging-card

With your Stadtwerke charging-card, you can fill up with electricity anywhere in Europe.

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Charge with solar energy - and save money

SonnenLaden - combi product incl. installation

The perfect combination of solar system, storage system and wallbox. 

When you charge your e-car with electricity generated from your own solar system, driving will turn out especially cheap for you. With our combi-package "SonnenLaden“, you receive a perfectly balanced package including solar system, battery storage and wallbox - all from a single source. In this way, you can make yourself less dependent on the energy market and prepare your property for the future. 
This combi-package complies with the KfW-grant 442 „Solar energy for e-cars“.

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We also offer individual charging options for commercial enterprises

We keep you up to date on current developments in the field of electromobility. On the information page, you will find news, information, etc.

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