Noticed a malfunction? 24-hour emergency maintenance service

Whenever you need help quickly: Our emergency maintenance service is there for you all around the clock. 

Netze High voltage tower – Stockfoto

Power outage

You can find the latest news regarding supply disruptions on the website of our network operator Stadtwerke Jena Netze.

To the news

e911_emergency If you notice the smell of gas in your apartment or in your house, please immediately inform the 24-hour emergency maintenance service of the Stadtwerke under 0800 0688 886!

Should you notice the smell of gas

  • Remain calm!
  • Avoid open fires (such as candles, lighters, cigarettes)!
  • Do not use electrical devices, switches, plugs, door bells or telephones!
  • Open windows as well as doors and thus allow air to pass through!
  • Close all gas pipes and the main isolating valve!
  • Warn your flatmates and neighbours (knock at their door! - do not ring the bell) and leave the house immediately! 
  • Immediately contact and inform the 24-hour emergency maintenance service of the Stadtwerke at 0800 0688 886!
  • Attention: Take the phone call outside of the house!
  • Please inform us even about a slight smell of gas in your house or any gas smell you might notice on the street! There are no costs for false alarms. 

The radiator and water remain cold and the house is supplied with district heating

  • Check your thermostatic valve and turn it one notch higher. However, please be aware that buildings are usually not heated when the outside temperature is above 18°C.
  • Should your radiator remain cold, please inform your property manager about the issue. jenawohnen-tenants please call 03641 884-488.
  • In case of a heating failure in buildings in which heating service is provided by the Stadtwerke Energie please directly inform the 24-hour emergency maintenance service of the Stadtwerke Jena Netze at 03641 688-888.