Draft from EnWG § 7a par. 5:

"(5) Vertically integrated energy supply enterprises shall be obliged to establish a programme of binding measures regarding non-discriminatory performance of network business (equal treatment programme) for the employees involved in network operation activities. Further, they shall be obliged to inform their employees and the regulatory authority, and to monitor compliance with this programme by a natural or legal person (equal treatment officer). Duties of the employees and possible sanctions are to be defined. The compliance officer shall submit a report annually, by 31 March at the latest, to the regulatory authority. It shall include the measures taken pursuant to sentence 1 in the previous calendar year and be published it in a non-personalied form".

The report relates to the period from 1 January to 31 December 2021 and serves to implement the statutory obligation under Section 7a (5) sentence 3 EnWG. According to this, Stadtwerke Jena Netze GmbH is obliged to carry out network operations in a non-discriminatory manner.