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14,000 e-cars for Jena

The enterprises of the Stadtwerke Jena group actively participate in shaping the future electromobility of our region. Our aim: Until 2030, 14,000 e-cars are to drive around in Jena. 

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Livestream on Electromobility Day

Cumulated information: Our on-site event on Electromobility Day 2020 was cancelled. So we got various experts on the issue of technology, costs and everyday experience in front of our camera. You can re-watch the livestream as video here.

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Number of all-electric vehicles in Thuringia
effective: January 2023 | Source: ThEGA


number of electronic vehicles in Jena in 2030
Aim of the project electromobility Jena 2030


official charging points in and around Jena
effective: June 2023

What exactly is the GHG-quota?

The so-called greenhousegas reduction quota (short: GHG-quota; German: THG-Quote) is an instrument for climate protection established by the Federal Environment Agency in order to reduce CO2-emissions in the tranportation sector. Every all-electric car receives a GHG-quota by the government, which the owner can offer for sale. Companies that produce CO2 (e. g. mineral oil groups) can buy the quota for compensation. In this way, they practically buy your saved CO2. 

Currently, Stadtwerke Energie do not offer the sale of the GHG-quota.

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