Our Electromobility Project for Jena 2030 

The companies of the Stadtwerke Jena Group actively help shape the future of electromobility in our region. Our goal is to have 14,000 electric cars on the road in Jena by 2030. We are working towards this goal in a communal project group in collaboration with many partners from economy and politics.

Our goal

14,000 electric cars are supposed to be on the road in Jena by 2030. In order to achieve this goal, we brought all the important players on board.

Our Motivation

An electromobile, modern and clean city. In collaboration with partners from economy and politics, we are establishing the foundation for this mission.

Our way

In the project "Elektromobilität für Jena 2030" we connect all initiatives and players in the field in Jena with one another.

Goals and visions: Our seven subprojects

1. We provide charging facilities for electric cars in the immediate vicinity.

At our electric charging stations, you can refuel your car with 100 percent green jenaturStrom (electricity). Threre are currently 40 public charging stations in Jena and the region, but we are continuing to increase this number. With our openly accessible charging stations, we are part of a Europe-wide charging network. In addition, we also offer charging technology for companies and charging stations for at home. 

2. We inform the different players in Jena and connect them with one another.

A number of different companies and initiatives have recognized that electromobility is the future. We connect their activities with one another and aim to make it easier for followers to get started with their own projects. In collaboration with players from the commercial sector, we are compiling the Electromobility Guide and Practical Report by which we aim to increase the public's awareness of electromobility.

Subproject "Electromobility in the commercial sector"

Patrick Werner
Phone: 03641 873 003 4
E-mail: patrick.werner@jena.de

3. We integrate electromobility into urban concepts.

Whether commercial premises or public parking spaces: We know what and how things will change in Jena within the next few years and in this context also always have electromobility on our mind.  By doing so, electromobility can be integrated into urban concepts and standardized processes can be developed. In pilot projects, these new ideas are being implemented and will thus soon be visible in the cityscape.

Subproject "Urban framework conditions"

City of Jena
Ulrike Zimmermann
Phone: 03641 49 5328
E-mail: verkehr@jena.de

4. We establish the technical preconditions in the power grid for the long-term.

An increasing number of charging stations is impacting the power grid. We create the technical preconditions for the infrastructure that is needed to handle this impact. Strategic network planning and development are thus further project components.

5. We lead by example.

Currently, the Stadtwerke Jena Group owns 28 electric company vehicles - and this number is increasing! The aim is to convert to electric vehicles in the area of utility vehicles. Because we know that electromobility is fun!

6. We facilitate the access to electromobility for our tenants.

An apartment in Winzerla and an electric car in front of the house? In collaboration with the housing industry, we are developing approaches that will give also the tenants living in large housing complexes access to electromobility. Designated parking spots for E-car sharing or the provision of more charging facilities in densely populated residential areas represent only the early stages of idea development in this context.

Subproject "Electromobility in the housing industry"

Roland Bak
Phone: 03641 884 501
Email: roland.bak@jenawohnen.de


7. We focus on affordable electromobility in public transport.

Trams have been pioneers in terms of electromobility for over 100 years. Now we want to bring electric driving to the streets as well. Since February 2020, Jena's first three electric buses have been driving reliably as line 15 on the route stretching from Westbahnhof to Rautal and back. Other lines are planned to follow. 

Our project partners