Wasser-Quartier (Water Quarter) Jena-Winzerla

Clean, inexpensive, climate-friendly: there are many good reasons for drinking water directly from the tap. With the help of events and campaigns in the Wasser-Quartier Jena-Winzerla, the Zweckverband JenaWasser provides information on the advantages of drinking tap water.

It is of high quality, available around the clock, inexpensive, and is delivered directly into one's house without creating any packaging waste: tap water is drinking water and its consumption actively contributes to climate protection. In the future, the Zweckverband JenaWasser will focus on drawing even more attention to this topic in the Wasser-Quartier Jena-Winzerla.

"Our JenaWasser is a truly natural product from the region for the region“, says the JenaWasser association chairman Jürgen Hofmann. „We produce the majority of the water for Jena in our deep wells south of the city, process it in our waterworks in Burgau and Drackendorf without any chemical additives, and deliver it directly into people's homes. It couldn't be more convenient, nor more environmentally friendly.“ 

You can find more information about the water quarter here.

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