jenaturStrom: Naturally generated from hydropower 

Since 2013, Stadtwerke Energie has been supplying its tariff customers exclusively with green electricity. This electricity is 100% generated from European hydropower, some of which even comes from local hydropower plants situated along the Saale. Moreover, the Stadtwerke green electricity is particularly sustainable and TÜV-certified.

Every year, the Stadtwerke Energie Jena-Pößneck turn to the TÜV Nord Cert in order to reconfirm the origin as well as the particular sustainability of the jenaturStrom with which they supply their customers. Thus, all jenaturStrom products bear the quality certificate „Geprüfter Ökostrom“.

Further, for every kilowatt hour of electricity they sell, the Stadtwerke Energie invests a fixed amount of money in the expansion of renewable energies. Thus, already since 2013 money has been invested in the construction of plants that generate electricity from renewable sources, including, among others, the photovoltaic systems on top of the Sparkassen Arena as well as on the roof of the depot of the Jenaer Nahverkehr. Moreover, via the Stadtwerke-alliances Thüga und Trianel the Stadtwerke Energie is involved in the realisation of two Offshore-windparks located by the northern sea.

Already since 2013 the Stadtwerke Energie supplies its household- as well as commercial-customers exclusively with green electricity. The annual consumption of the approximately 65,200 jenaturStrom customers is at about 170 gigawatt hours per year (2022).

The Stadtwerke obtain the electricity with which they supply their jenaturStrom customers exclusively from European hydropower plants. About 9,500 megawatt hours of said electricity come from regional hydropower plants that are situated along the Saale. One of these plants for example, is located at the Burgauer Wehr in Jena.

Burgauer Brücke

How green is the green electricity that comes from my socket actually?

Over and over again, our customers ask us: How green is the Stadtwerke green electricity actually ? Is it even possible that if I bought green electricity from you, I would receive nuclear power? You can find the answer on the blog and in the video. But be aware that there's no simple answer.

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