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Jena Crowd - Crowdfunding for Jena and the region

On Jena Crowd, you can put up a project by your club, institution, school, foundation or one of yours as a private person and then collect funds from family, friends, members or other supporters within a maximum time period of 60 days. The only requirement: The project serves a social purpose in Jena or the region and is in the area of sports, culture, social issues or the environment.

Wir engagieren uns für die Region.

5 Jahre Jena Crowd: Jubiläumsaktion startet!

Gemeinsam Gutes bewirken: Die Stadtwerke Jena feiern 5 Jahre Jena Crowd mit einer besonderen Spendenaktion.
Ihre Chance, Jena zu bereichern:
•    Reichen Sie Ihr Projekt bis 23. August ein
•    Nutzen Sie den 5.000 € Fördertopf
•    Erste 5 Projekte erhalten 500 € Startguthaben

Ob Verein, Schule oder engagierte:r Bürger:in – Ihre Idee kann Wirklichkeit werden!


Jetzt Projekt einreichen

5 Jahre Jena Crowd (JenaTV-Beitrag, 07.06.24)

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Your advantages:

  • No endless paperwork: You can get started quickly and easily. Within a few days, your Jena Crowd project will be set up, verified and online. With the right preparatory work and great dedication, anyone can achieve their goal.
  • Stadtwerke Jena Project Fund: Every month, the Stadtwerke Jena have a total of 1,000€ available for all the projects set up on the Jena Crowd platform: every time somebody donates at least 10€ to a project, the Stadtwerke Jena will also contribute 10€, taken from said fund, to it. 
  • Bonus program: It pays off for your supporters to give you money, because in addition to a good conscience, their effort will be rewarded with great bonuses and gift vouchers.
  • Personal support: All project starters will be advised via e-mail, phone or in person.

That's how easy it really is:

The Four Principles of Jena Crowd 

  • Fixed goal: Set an individual project goal and a funding goal.
  • The more the merrier: Find supporters from your own network.
  • Give and take: Supporters can simply donate or choose something from the bonusshop in return.
  • All or nothing: The collected funds will only be disbursed if the funding goal has been reached.
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How to become a project starter?

We explain it to you in the video!

Die Stadtwerke Jena engagieren sich für eine starke Region

Any more questions? Or do you want to start right away? 

We offer free webinars to all those interested in setting up a project on Jena Crowd in order to show how projects can become successful. Dates and registration at: www.jena-crowd.de 


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