Electromobility for Jena and the region

Environmentally friendly and comfortable: the future of driving is electric. We are working on this future for you. In collaboration with partners from economy and politics, we are setting the course for an electric future of mobility by developing suitable products and building the infrastructure necessary for this mission.

Elektroauto mit Logo Wir für Elektromobilität

14,000 E-cars for Jena

The companies of the Stadtwerke Jena Group actively help shape the future of electromobility in our region. Our goal is to have 14,000 electric cars on the road in Jena by 2030. We are working towards this goal in a communal project group in collaboration with many partners from economy and politics.

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Livestream on the occasion of Electromobility Day

Packed with information: Our on-site event for Electromobility Day 2020 was cancelled. So, we gathered various experts on the issues of technology, costs and everyday experiences and placed them in front of our camera - you can watch the livestream here as a video.

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