Greater local heat:
Wastewater waste heat for Jena-North

The industrial estates along Wiesenstrasse in Jena-Nord are expected to be supplied with CO2-neutral heat from 2030 via a new local heating network. Wastewater heat pumps at the central sewage treatment plant will be used to recover the heat from the treated wastewater. The use of wastewater heat is both ecologically and economically highly efficient. This is because it is permanently available at the central wastewater treatment plant and can be used all year round via heat pumps. By tapping into this considerable heat potential, we are taking a further step towards the heat transition and climate neutrality for Jena.

 Project plans

  • Supplying the industrial estates along Wiesenstrasse with CO2-neutral local heat from wastewater (from 2030)
  • Energy generation through wastewater heat pump at the central wastewater treatment plant
  • Available heat potential of approx. 200 GWh – corresponds roughly to the heat requirement of 20,000 households
  • Distribution of the heat via an efficient local heating network to the commercial areas in Jena-Nord
  • The new local heating network makes it possible to supply cold air in summer and feed in unavoidable waste heat

  Advantages for companies

  • Climate-neutral heat helps to achieve the targets for decarbonizing heat use & is part of our Wärmenetzstrategie
  • No investments and conversions in the business premises 
  • Operational management by Stadtwerke Energie (contracting)
  • Personal contact and advice on site