How can the increasing demand for electricity due to the energy transition be met?


The simultaneous energy, heat and transport transition is causing electricity demand in cities to rise sharply. Stadtwerke Jena Netze currently expects heat pumps, e-mobility & Co to triple the existing power demand in its electricity grid in Jena. The municipal utilities are investigating how this „hunger for electricity“ can be satisfied without massive grid expansion in the JenErgieReal energy transition real laboratory.  The core is the construction of a virtual power plant that links producers, consumers and storage facilities for electricity and heat and makes them controllable in real time. The aim is to use digitalization to make the energy transition in cities needs-based and affordable.

Benny Gottschalk, wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter der Westsächsischen Hochschule Zwickau (ubineum)

JenErgieReal - How can the increasing demand for electricity be met?

Interview with our expert Benny Gottschalk

SWJ auf dem Digitalgipfel 49

Jena's steps towards the virtual power plant

Our real-world laboratory for the energy transition JenErgieReal has reached its first milestone. Here we provide an overview of the interim results.

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Jenas Innenstadt bei Nacht - Blick vom Jentower

A virtual power plant: That's what JenErgieReal is all about

You can read more about the project content of our real-world laboratory for the energy transition and how the network partners envision the virtual power plant - the heart of JenErgieReal - in our blog post.

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Energy turnaround series in the OTZ

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