20 years klimaAktiv

Klimaschutzstiftung Jena-Thüringen celebrates anniversary 

Since 2003, the foundation for climate protection Klimaschutzstiftung Jena-Thüringen, which operates all over Thuringia, has been committed to actively face the causes of climate change - with efficient use of energy and the promotion of renewable energies in municipalities, enterprises and private initiatives.  

Solarprojekttag Grundschule-Tannroda Klimaschutzstiftung

Projects & funding

  • Funding: Thüringian award for climate protection  „Die blaue Libelle“
  • Projects for schools: 50/50 project, pilot-project  „Create future – discover renewable energies with children“  for secondary schools
  • Projects for municipalities together with the Thuringian agency Energie- und GreenTech-Agentur GmbH 
  • Projects for enterprises: Netzwerk NEEO II 
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