Smartes Quartier Jena-Lobeda

Increasing quality of life and establishing new forms of living togehter: This is the vision behind the model project Smartes Quarter.i In this project, we as the Stadtwerke Jena Group combine our expertise in the areas of energy, mobility, housing and leisure intelligently with services relating to logistics, health and everything that makes life more pleasant. 

Symbolfoto vernetzt leben im Smarten Quartier

Model Project Smartes Quartier Jena-Lobeda

For our model project, we have already been able to win over numerous partners and supporters. Together, we connect various aspects of daily life with each other and in doing so, make life easier. Our focus is on the topics of housing and energy, mobility, (grocery) shopping and logistics as well as health.

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Bundeskanzlerin Merkel informiert sich auf dem Digitalgipfel 2020 zum Smarten Quartier

A great honor: Making small talk with Chancellor Merkel

As part of the Digital Summit 2020, German Chancellor Angela Merkel took a virtual tour of the Smartes Quartier. Evidently very well acquainted with the localities along the Saale, she asked mayor Thomas Nitzsche and the project manager some interesting questions.