Electric buses for Jena

After 120 years of ÖPNV (public local transport) with electric trams, also three fully electric city buses were added to the vehicle fleet of the Jenaer Nahverkehr in 2020. Gradually, electric buses are to replace the diesel fuelled buses completely. 

First step towards a transformation of the fleet

Bus line 15, which covers the route between Westbahnhof and Rautal, is Jena's first fully electrically operated public transport line. For more than two years now, three eCitaro electric buses have safely and reliably transported passengers on this route. 

The vehicles were developed, manufactured and delivered by EvoBus, a subsidiary of Daimler AG.  With the eCitaro, the long-established company developed a sophisticated and well-engineered city bus. For example, the innovative thermal management system reduces the vehicles' energy consumption and thus increases their range.

The purchase of the electric buses is part of the intercommunal project group "Electromobility for Jena 2030". The purchase of the three buses as well as the installation of the infrastructure necessary for the operation of the buses was funded by the Thuringian Ministry of Environment.

Currently, preparations are underway for the "electrification" of a second city bus line.

Good reasons for driving with electricity

Electromobility is the future of mobility. There are many good reasons for driving with electricity, the clean and quiet way to drive.  

For example, electric buses do not emit combustion-engine particulate matter and nitrogen oxides, and they make significantly less noise than non-electric vehicles. Further, electric buses do not release any climate-damaging CO2.

By the way, the electric buses of the Jenaer Nahverkehr are charged exclusively with eco-power. Some of this power the company even generates itself by means of a photovoltaic system located on the roof of their depot in Jena-Burgau.

Awarded with the "Blue Angel"

The eCitaros of the Jenaer Nahverkehr have been certified as particularly sustainable and environmentally friendly. Thus, the vehicles were awarded the quality label „Blue Angel“. For obtaining this certification, high obstacles must be overcome. More precisely, the buses must meet special environmental criteria, e.g.

  • the batteries must have a guaranteed mileage of five years or 200,000 kilometers
  • the batteries must be replaceable in a non-destructive manner
  • replacement parts must be available for up to ten years after production ceases
  • the amount of heavy metals that the batteries can contain is strictly limited
  • the paints and coatings of the vehicles are prohibited to contain lead, chromium oxide and cadmium compounds 
ein Elektrobus des Jenaer Nahverkehr parkt nachts am Westbahnhof in Jena

Interim balance: Emission-free on the road for one year 

After 365 days of operating a fully electric bus line, the Jenaer Nahverkehr made an initial assessment in 2021. You can read on our blog how much CO2 was saved and how the colleagues assess the driving quality.

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