What are the challenges that the energy transition faces particularly in Jena? 

Stadtwerke Jena expressly supports the ambitious climate protection goals of the federal, state and local governments. In our founding charter in 1991, we committed ourselves to the goal of consistent environmental and climate protection. We therefore support the city of Jena in its goal of becoming climate-neutral by 2035. Together, we are focussing all our efforts on ensuring that the generation and supply of electricity, gas and district heating is largely climate-neutral.

However, the transition that wer are striving for parallelly in the sectors energy, heating and transport affects almost all of Stadtwerke Jena's business areas. And it poses enormous challenges for our group of companies - particularly in terms of financing the necessary investments, but also regarding social compatibility and acceptance of the planned transformation.

In an interview with JenaTV, managing director Claudia Budich (Stadtwerke) discusses the most important aspects.

Helge Gerullis im Interview

Interview with managing director Claudia Budich on the energy transition

Fernwärmeausspeisung für Jena am Heizkraftwerk Winzerla

Wärmenetzstrategie 2040

In collaboration with the Thüringer Energie AG, we are developing a strategy for decarbonizing Jena's district heating supply. At the core of this strategy is the conversion of the district heating generation at the combined heat and power station (CHP) in Winzerla: the goal is the use of environmental heat.

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Energiewende vor Ort - Wir machen das!

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