Transition of transport:

New forms of mobility for an emission-free future

Die erste neue Lichtbahn zur Jungfernfahrt am 16. Dezember 2023

We connect generations: The Lichtbahn for Jena

Bigger, more modern, more energy-efficient: Jena will get new trams for a sustainable future of mobility. The Lichtbahn, which was developed specifically for Jena, is scheduled to ride on the rails of the Jenaer Nahverkehr for the first time in 2023.

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Clean, quiet, environmentally friendly: Electromobility for Jena

Elektrobus an der Ladestation Westbahnhof

Jena's electric buses: each one saves 53 tons of COper year

It is hard to imagine our cityscape without them now: the first three electric buses in the vehicle fleet of the Jenaer Nahverkehr. Since 2020, the three eCitaros have been driving reliably and quietly on line 15 and thereby saved 53 tons of CO2 per vehicle per year. A success story that is set to continue. 

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