Energy transition: 

Clean energy for a clean future

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100% green electricity for all customers: already since 2013

Stadtwerke Energie Jena-Pößneck supplies its household- as well as commercial-customers exclusively with TÜV-tested green electricity. This electricity is 100% generated from European hydropower, some of which even comes from local hydropower plants situated along the Saale. A fixed sum is put into the expansion of renewable energy every year.

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Green district heating for Jena

On the road to climate neutrality, the heat sector is of particular importance. In collaboration with partners, the Stadtwerke Jena are working on different concepts for decarbonizing district heating, which is currently generated primarily with fossil natural gas. In the future, environmental heat that is generated from water, the sun and air are planned on being used.

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Hydrogen: The CO2-free fuel of the future

The Stadtwerke Jena Netze have started the project "H2-transformation" in order to work towards the goal of achieving a climate-neutral gas supply. Said company is your competent partner for the topic of hydrogen supply in Jena and the region.

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Real-world laboratory of the energy revolution: JenErgieReal 

In a real-world laboratory of the energy revolution, the Stadtwerke research how cities can be supplied with electricity and heat in a sustainable manner. A virtual power plant that will connect producer and consumer of energy as well as the energy storage with each other in an intelligent manner is supposed to be created by 2027.

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