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  • Journey (in the area of Stadtwerke Jena Netze and Thüringer Energienetze)
  • Professional installation of wallbox
  • Inlet in wall with installation tube or channel up to 15m
  • Two wall-penetrations up to 40 cm 
  • Connection to existing system
  • Ground fault interruptor type A
  • Automatic circuit breaker 3-pole 
  • Data cable 15 m Cat.8
  • Fitting material
  • Assessment and activation
  • Registration of wallbox with local grid operator

Note: Further services (e. g. civil engineering, change of meter, longer supply cables etc.) are not included in the installation package, but can be ordered as additional service.

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Hier können Sie beispielsweise Angaben zu notwendigen Tiefbauarbeiten oder einer gewünschten Stele für die Wallbox eingeben.



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