Information on the current gas market situation  

The current political situation strongly impacts the already tense and volatile energy market. The procurement costs that all energy suppliers have to pay for electricity and also for natural gas have sky rocketed in recent weeks. 

We are currently receiving an increasing number of questions about price developments, security of supply and the current energy market situation. We have therefore summarised the most important questions and answers regarding these topics here.

Gas price brake and one-off payment 

The expert commission appointed by the federal government has proposed a two-stage discharge procedure to cushion rising energy costs.

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VAT reduction

The VAT on gas and district heating will be reduced to 7% from 1st of October 2022 until 31st of March 2024. 

We will pass on the reduction in full to our customers. 

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Gas emergency plan

We have put together important information to answer your questions on security of supply and crisis preparedness. 

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Facts and Figures analytics


1.355 Mio. kWh

In the first quarter of 2023, 1,355 gigawatt hours less of natural gas were consumed in Germany than during the same period last year. This corresponds to a reduction of more than 12 percent. 

Source: Bundesnetzagentur 6.4.2023

30 €/t

For the year 2023, the increase in the CO2 price has been suspended. The value remains at 30 euros per tonne for 2023.

41 %

of the energy demand of private households is covered by natural gas. In 2019, the average annual consumption of residential energy amounted to 8,800 kWh per person. 41.2% of this energy demand was covered by natural gas.

Source: Statistisches Bundesamt 7.2022

General and contact information for people in socially vulnerable situations 

Should you worry or fear no longer being able to cover incurring (energy)-costs, it might be possible to receive benefits to cover subsistence costs via the jenarbeit - job center of the city of Jena or via the social services department of the city of Jena.

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Gas storage levy increases the price of gas until March 2025

Gas storage operators must adhere to the storage levels prescribed by law due to the energy crisis. The additional costs resulting from this are to be compensated by means of the gas storage levy. It needs to be payed until the end of March 2025 for every kilowatt hour of natural gas consumed  and increases the net consumption price by 

» since 1st of October 2022 by 0,059 ct/kWh
» fron 1st of July 2023 by 0,145 ct/kWh

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CO2 price increase suspended for 2023

The CO2 pricing is part of the German government's Climate Protection Programme 2030 and is intended to create incentives to transition to renewable energy or new technologies - e.g. electromobility - and to conserve energy. It is a price component of the natural gas price and must be paid by every customer. For 2023, the planned increase has been suspended and the price remains the same as 2022. 

CO2 price path according to previously applicable BEHG (German Fuel Emissions Trading Act) (per tonne) 

1. January 2021 until 31. December 2021 25 Euro
1. January 2022 until 31. December 2022 30 Euro

1. January 2023 until 31. December 2023

35 Euro
1. January 2024 until 31. December 2024 45 Euro
1. January 2025 until 31. December 2025 55 Euro
1. January 2026 until 31. December 2026 55-65 Euro
(Price corridor)

CO2-Preis je Kilowattstunde 

im Jahr 2023 0,544 Cent
im Jahr 2024 0,816 Cent
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heating costs

Whether tenant or owner - everyone can reduce their heat consumption and save heating costs with just a few simple measures.

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market situation

We have put together the latest news regarding the security of supply as well as information on the market situation on a webpage. 

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