VAT on natural gas and district heating has decreased 

In order to mitigate the private and economic consequences of the energy crisis, the Federal Government has decided to temporarily reduce the VAT on natural gas and district heating. Instead of the 19% that is customary in the energy sector, only 7% VAT will be charged for natural gas and district heating retroactively from the 1st of October 2022 until the 31st of March 2024.

The Stadtwerke Energie pass the full reduction in VAT on to its customers.

What does this mean for your natural gas contract?

Due to the lower VAT, the gross prices for natural gas and district heating will reduce from the 1st of October 2022. Of course, we will pass on this tax reduction on to you in full. This will happen as part of the normal billing process. All necessary changes will be done automatically - you do not have to do anything.

Die reduzierte Mehrwertsteuer galt vom 1. Oktober 2022 bis zum 31. März 2024. Sie war ein Teil des Entlastungspaketes der Bundesregierung, um Verbraucher in der Zeit der Energiekrise zu unterstützen und von den hohen Preise zu entlasten.

No, it is not necessary to report us a meter reading. The meter reading will be recorded as always on the usual meter reading date.

Based on these readings and subsequent calculations, we carry out an allocation of your consumption and bill you accordingly. This tried and tested method is always applied when price components or taxes change during the year. 

For natural gas, however, you are welcome to send us your meter reading at any time via our customer portal.