Save heating costs

Heating in the optimal way helps to reduce heating costs. It does not matter whether you are tenant or proprietor - with some simple measures, everybody can have an eye on their consumption and, in this way, save costs.


Heating correctly saves cash
The perfect room temperature is, of course, your personal decision. But: every degree less saves around 6 percent energy. Between 21° and 23°C, there lies thus a small fortune. Make use of thermostatic valves - they regulate the room temperature automatically. At position '3', for example, a room temperature of 20°C is maintained.


Heating with electricity? Not very sensible...
With the gas prices being that high these days, many people think about buying a fanheater or radiator. However, we don't advise you to use those electronic heating devices. They need a lot of electric energy, and the costs per kWh are currently higher for electricity than for gas or district heating.


Venting the heating system
Your radiators are gurgling? Then there is probably air inside and they are no longer getting warm properly. Vent the radiator! We explain how to do it in this video:


There's no need for heat loss
Keeping shutters and curtains closed at night reduces heat loss through windows. Insulated radiator niches can save up to 4 percent heating costs.


Often forgotten: costs for hot water
12 % of energy consumption is only used for heating water. This is clearly noticeable on your heating bill if you have a central hot water system. Washing your hands with cold water, taking showers instead of baths, and using water-saving showerheads and aerators help to save hot water.


Never hide your heaters
Do not hide heaters behind furniture or drapes. If the heater is even situated behind a curtain, in the worst case, up to 20 percent energy is lost. Also, heaters are not necessarily suitable for drying laundry - the ordinary clothesline is still the most cost saving way. Never place huge furniture directly at the wall. It is better to always leave a space of about five centimetres to allow the air to circulate.


Optimise temperature of hot water
In this video, we show you how to adjust the temperature of your hot water optimally.


Modern heating controls reduce costs.
At night, a room temperature of 16°C to 18°C is sufficient in the living rooms, which easily saves 20 to 30 percent energy. Use the 'night setback'-function of your heating control also during the day, for example during winter holidays, or when the flat is deserted for a longer period. Programmable radiator valves are very useful aids. You can use them for regulating the temperature curve for each room of the flat individually for each day of the week.


Have heating serviced regularly
Energy savers have their heating system serviced regularly. If the heating system is in good conditions, up to 4 percent in energy costs can be saved. At the same time, maintenance of the heating system increases the operational reliability of the system and reduces its susceptibility to faults.


Airing correctly made easy
Saving heating costs begins with airing correctly. A three-persons household produces around 11 litres humidity per day, which has to get out. Thus: Air the flat briefly but often and strongly - leave the window wide open for five minutes four times a day. Tilted windows also help to remove the humidity, but they let the flat cool down long-term. This effect is especially noticeable when the warmth disapperas from floors,walls, ceilings, and furniture.

Important: while airing, the heating should be switched off!

Some good advice is not expensive at all

Saving energy protects the environment and is good for your wallet. Stadtwerke Energie is also actively committed to energy efficiency and renewable energies and, together with you, contributes to climate protection. Our energy advisor will provide you with competent information on energy-saving measures in your household. Contact us or make an appointment free of charge.

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More information and advice for private households and businesses can also be found in the  > Energy Saving Campaing of the BMWK.