Do you want to part ways with us?

We are sorry to hear that you want to terminate your contract
with us.

We would be glad to continue supplying you securely and reliably with out energy. Unfortunately, you have decided differently. Perhaps we will reunite once again in the future, so that we can supply you with our environmentally friendly jenaturStrom generated from hydropower or our jenaGas. 


Please use the input mask for sending us your termination request and take your contractually agreed notice period into account. 

Are you managing your contract online? 

Then you can also terminate your contract directly in the customer portal

Are you moving?

In case of a move, we are happy to check whether we can supply you with energy also in your new apartment. It could therefore be that we let the existing contract continue and simply change the consumption point stated within the contract.

Are you actually just looking for a more suitable product?

We check for you whether we offer a product that better meets your needs. Simply use one of our contact options for setting up a personal consultation or write us an email. 

Do you have some more questions before terminating your contract?

Then choose the contact option that you feel the most comfortable with.

Did you know that our jenaturStrom is fully generated from European and regional hydropower?
Good for you - good for the environment