For some situations, after all, a car is necessary. For these occasions, the car sharing provider teilAuto always has a suitable vehicle on hand - from small car to van. Moreover, the flexible time and mileage prices allow you to plan your mobility individually.

With a VMT subscription or a VMT semester ticket, you cannnot only benefit from the joint use of bus, train and tram with one ticket only, but also from advantageous conditions for teilAuto. For you, the usual deposit (based on the teilAuto terms and conditions) and the starting price are waived. Instead, you receive a travel credit equal to the monthly base rate. In this way, you can be mobile - cheaply and independently from timetable and line network of the public transport.


Framework conditions 


  • Submission of a VMT subscription contract or a VMT semester ticket
  • The monthly basic fare is 5.00 € and will be credited to the teilAuto customer account as a travel credit (remaining sum expires at the end of the month if the travel credit is not used)
  • Claim your journey credit within the respective month and apply it to all time- and mileage rates (except cancellations)

Who can use the car sharing?

Holders of Abo solo, Abo Plus, Job-Ticket, Abo student/apprentice, Abo mobil65 or VMT-semester ticket; legal age required


Where can I book the VMT car sharing rate?

Single registration at www.teilauto.net and activation online.

Prices for vehicle booking

  • The prices are made up of time-tariffs plus mileage rate
  • The prices include all gas costs, vehicle insurance and statutory VAT
  • Between 0 and 7 a.m., the time tariff is 0.50 €/h for all types of vehicles
  • Additional costs are optional (e. g. security package)