For us, accessibility means designing our vehicles, stops and wayfinding in such a way that they are easily accessible for all passengers. While doing this, we think of people with walking aids, wheelchairs or e-scooters, parents with buggies as well as the blind, visually impaired and those who are deaf. 

Accessible buses & trams

  • Accessible low-floor vehicles
  • Wheelchair ramps
  • No steps
  • Areas designated for buggies and wheelchair users
  • Blue pushbuttons on the inside and outside of busses and trams that will prolong the opening time of the vehicle doors upon actuation 
  • Upcoming stops are announced by visual as well as acoustic cues

Accessible stops

  • Automatic announcements
  • Low-floor accessibility
  • Selected stops are equipped with a guidance system for the blind
  • Optical information systems, of which some are equipped with a read-aloud function

Mobility training

We offer all mobility-impaired people the opportunity to take part in a mobility training at our depot in Burgau. We recommend that wheelchair and rollator users take part in the training so that they can get to know our vehicles and feel safe on the road. For e-scooter riders, participation is mandatory in order to take the tram. 

Book your appointment via the VMT service telephone under the number 0361 19449.

Taking e-scooters on board our vehicles

There are special regulations for taking e-scooters on board our vehicles. These differ between buses and trams. 

Taking e-scooters on the tram

E-scooters can only be taken on a tram after completing a mobility training, during which the e-scooter is marked with a green badge by the Jenaer Nahverkehr. Nevertheless, e-scooters must be placed in the area designated for e-scooters during the ride. 

E-scooter users must dismount their e-scooter on the tram and secure it for the duration of the ride in order to prevent it from rolling away. E-scooter users can use the seat in the immediate vicinity of the first door that is intended for them and indicated by pictograms. 

Taking e-scooters on the bus

It is possible to take those e-scooters on buses that are marked with a pictogram. Moreover, the buses that allow to take an e-scooter on board are marked with a pictogram on their door. The pictogram „Tram“ of the Jenaer Nahverkehr does not entitle e-scooter users to ride on the bus. The e-scooter is to be positioned within the designated wheelchair area.


The e-scooter or any of the items carried by the e-scooter user may not have any additional attachments that prevent or restrict the rearward-facing placement at the leaning surface of the wheelchair area. E-scooter users must independently enter the bus, ensure proper placement of the e-scooter at the leaning surface and independently exit the bus. The e-scooter user must be seated on their scooter during the ride. For e-scooter users who want to take buses, a voluntary mobility training is recommended.

How do I find out on which buses it is allowed to take an e-scooter?

It is not possible to take e-scooters on every bus due to their design. Thus, we kindly ask you to consider the following things: If you want to ride on a bus of the Jenaer Nahverkehr with your e-scooter that has been approved for bus transportation, please let us know by latest 7 pm of the previous day via the VMT service phone at 03641 19449. The following information is required: the exact time you want to take the bus, the line number of the bus you want to take, the stop you will get on as well as the stop you will get off, and if necessary, stops where you will change over to other bus lines; lastly, whether you will want to make a return journey. In order to be able to ask you any questions we might have, we kindly ask you to provide your contact details including a phone number. 

Good to know – Free transportation 

Severely disabled persons can use the local public transport free of charge if they are in possession of a disabled person's pass with supplementary sheet and valid token. The pass holder must carry said pass as well as the valid token (in the original version) with them on every journey.

A registered accompanying person - marked with a B-label (Begleitperson) on the pass - can ride free of charge, even in cases where the severely disabled passenger has to pay. 

Assistance Dogs

Assistance dogs, for which proof of training exists - such as guide dogs for the blind, diabetic alert dogs and epilepsy dogs - are allowed to be taken on vehicles of the Jenaer Nahverkehr and ride free of charge. They are exempt from the obligation to be muzzled.

Contact persons

Stadtverwaltung Jena (municipality)
Fachdienst Soziales
Kommunale Versorgungsleistungen (KVL)
Lutherplatz 3
07745 Jena

 03641 494 689

(Here you can obtain your disabled person's pass as well as your token.)


Commissioner for People with Disabilities of the City of Jena
Am Anger 13
07743 Jena

 03641 494 303