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Change of tariffs from 1 April 2023:

Generally, all tickets bought for the old tariff that have not yet been validated stay valid until 30 June 2023. Passed that date and until 30 September 2023, those tickets can be changed into the new tariff for a surcharge.

You receive more information on all tickets and prices at the Stadtwerke Jena customer centre and via the VMT-service hotline at 0361 19449.

Are you spontaneous and want to buy a ticket quickly on the go via your mobile phone? Or do you prefer to buy your ticket in advance? Perhaps you value personal advice before pursuing a ticket? For every passenger, we have the right offer!

Am Fahrscheinautomaten

Ticket vending machines at bus stops


Our ticket vending machines are located at central stops of the Jena public transport service. These offer the entire range of tickets for Jena and the transport association Mittelthüringen VMT (except subscriptions).

Tickets can also be purchased there in advance. They accept coins and debit or credit cards (also contactless) as payment methods. Weekly and monthly tickets are already validated. Please make sure to validate all other ticket types when starting your journey.


Locations of ticket vending machines at bus stops

  • Altenburger Straße
  • Kieshügel
  • Universitätsklinikum
  • Burgaupark
  • Enver-Şimşek-Platz
  • Emil-Wölk-Straße
  • Platanenstraße
  • Geschwister-Scholl-Straße
  • Lobeda-West
  • Paradiesbahnhof
  • Richard-Sorge-Straße
  • Spittelplatz
  • Stadtzentrum Holzmarkt, Löbdergraben, Teichgraben
  • Winzerla
Person am Automaten an der Haltestelle

What the ticket machines are capable of and what you need to keep in mind: Our blog article contains an overview of the features of the vendors located at the stops. 

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Ticktes schnell und einfach in Bus und Straßenbahn kaufen

Ticket vending machines in vehicles of public transport


You can find ticke machines in all buses and trains of the Jena public transport system. Coins and debit or credit cards (also contactless) are accepted payment methods. The ticket offer includes the entire range of tickets (except subscriptions) for Jena and the transport association Mittelthüringen VMT.


Important: Please note that the machines in our vehicles only issue tickets that have already been validated. Sales in advance are not possible.


City-Taxi Sale in vehicle AST-transport (dial-a-ride transit)
Taxi-Mietwagen E. Krahmer Sale in vehicle Regular taxi



You can obtain the following tickets from the JES bus drivers:

  • Single trips
  • 4-journey tickets
  • VMT hopper tickets
  • (Group) day tickets and dog/bicycle tickets
  • Weekly and monthly tickets


Partner selling points

In addition to our customer center and the ticket vending machines, you can purchase the entire range of tickets for Jena and the Mittelthüringen public transport service VMT (except subscriptions) in advance at the following sales points.


Point of sale Address Stop
Press and Tobacco Shop Rogowski August-Bebel-Straße 29 (in Norma market) Humboldtstraße, Katharinenstraße
Posta office Rogowski Dornburger Straße 163 (Eulenhof) An der Eule
Press Lotto Tobacco Shop Funke Herrmann-Pistor-Straße 33 (WIN Center) E.-Şimşek-Platz, Friedrich-Zucker- u. Hugo-Schrade-Str.
Press store Rogowski Tatzendpromenade 2a, Ernst Abbe University Jena Gustav-Fischer-Straße