Lost items

Regional buses

Lost items that were found in regional buses are handed in daily after work by the bus drivers at the respective subsidiaries in Jena or Eisenberg. Food or other perishable goods are directly disposed due to health reasons. 

Since we are talking about a great number of items, it is not possible to provide information by telephone, but there is a form sheet if you wish to find out more. We ask you to give a detailed description of your lost items.

You can retrieve them either at the subsidiary in Eisenberg,

Borgfeldtstraße 4
07607 Eisenberg

or the subsidiary in Jena,

Keßlerstraße 29
07745 Jena

from Monday to Friday after previous date arrangement. 

Lost items that are older than three months, will be given away to the end of each quarter.

Trams and city buses

Lost items found in trams and city buses are taken to the city lost-property office. There, you can ask for your item the following afternoon. 

Fundbüro Stadt Jena

Löbdergraben 12

07743 Jena

03641 49-2523 


In case of urgency (keys, mobile phone, wallet etc.), please call the VMT-service hotline at  0361 19449.