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The Deutschlandticket offers for 49 €/month the opportunity to use public transport services as well as regional trains all over Germany. Save your Deutschlandticket with us as subscription. 

By the way: For children and young people up to the age of 18 who live in Jena, the city of Jena offers a monthly subsidy of 15.00 euros when purchasing the Deutschlandticket. 

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All advantages of the Deutschlandticket at a glance

  • For only 49 €/month as subscription.
  • One ticket for all public transport services and regional trains in Germany.
  • The Deutschlandticket is terminable monthly.
  • Usable as mobile-ticket.

 This is how you can use the app MeinJena for your Deutschlandticket

Besonderheiten zum Deutschlandticket in Jena

Für Kinder und Jugendliche bis zum 18. Geburtstag mit Wohnsitz in Jena gibt es von der Stadt Jena bei Erwerb des Deutschlandtickets monatlich einen Zuschuss in Höhe von 15 Euro. Bei Beantragung über unser Abo-Portal wird der Anspruch geprüft und bei Berechtigung automatisch gewährt.

Jenabonus-Inhaber erhalten 15 Euro Rabatt auf die Aborate. Die Einlösung des Rabatts erfolgt bei Vorlage der Jenabonus-Karte im Stadtwerke Jena Kundencenter. Der Deutschlandticket-Vertrag ist auf den Gültigkeitszeitraum der Jenabonus-Karte begrenzt.

Studierende der FSU Jena und EAH Jena können mit dem Deutschlandticket Upgrade ihr Semesterticket zu einem Deutschlandticket aufwerten. Voraussetzung ist der Nachweis eines gültigen Jenaer Semestertickets (thoska oder vorläufiger Studierendenausweis) bei Antragstellung über das Abo-Portal. Die Laufzeit ist jeweils auf ein Semester begrenzt. Die Ausgabe erfolgt als Handyticket über die App MeinJena.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The Deutschlandticket costs 49€ per month as subscription.

The ticket is valid all over Germany in public transport. Long-distance trains like IC, EC and ICE as well as long-distance buses are not included. 

Yes. The Deutschlandticket only exists as subscription with monthly debit from your bank account. 

You can easily order the Deutschlandticket in our subscription portal

As soon as you click on send, a pdf with your all your application data will be downloaded automatically for your personal documentation. 

Our employees review and approve the contract. Then, you can view your contract details in the subscription portal. 

The Deutschlandticket will be issued as mobile ticket in the application MeinJena. If you would like to receive the Deutschlandticket as chip card, please contact our Stadtwerke Jena customer centre.

The Deutschlandticket upgrade for holders of a semester ticket is only available as mobile ticket in the MeinJena-app. 

Starting day of the Deutschlandticket is always by the first day of a month. 

You always have to apply for a new subscription until the 10th of a month in order to use it the following month. 

If you already have an subscription with us, you should have received a letter with further information on this topic. If you decide to change to the Deutschlandticket, your chip card will be updated in our Stadtwerke customer centre. 

The Jenaer Nahverkehr also offers the Deutschlandticket as job-ticket. For further information regarding the change, ask your employer. 

Yes. In the VMT-area, an upgrade to first class is possible. If you want to travel first class, it is necessary to buy an extra VMT-ticket for single-, day- or monthly tickets or subscriptions. 

No. The Deutschlandticket costs 49 euros as subscription with monthly debiting. .

Yes. Children younger than 18 years can purchase a subscription. However, for the conclusion, a legal representative is necessary. Children younger than 6 years can travel for free in all German public transport services. In the VMT, children younger than 8 travel for free until their enrolment if accompanied by an adult. 

The Deutschlandticket is only valid in combination with an official photo identification (e. g. ID, passport, children's ID, residence permit) of the person indicated on the Deutschlandticket. 

You can order the Deuschlandticket also personally at our Stadtwerke Jena customer centre at Saalstraße 8a. However, long waiting times are possible. The easy and fast way to order the ticket is from home via our subscription portal.

The Deutschlandticket is available as subscription; there is no free sale. 

No. The Deutschlandticket can only be used by its owner. It is not transferable.

In the VMT, children younger than 8 travel for free until their enrolment if accompanied by an adult. In Germany, children younger than 6 travel for free in public transport.

Other than that, additional passengers are not included in the Deutschlandticket. This also accounts for bikes and dogs. 

Download the app MeinJena onto your mobile phone and register with your e-mail-address and password. 

Click on the tab "My tickets" and go to "Subscription". After entering your subscription number and birth date, the code of the mobile ticket appears. It is only valid in combination with an official photo identification.  Click here for more information.

The synchronisation of the new ticket should happen automatically once you open the app. If this is not the case, it might help to remove the ticket and add it again. 

Yes, Jenabonus-holders are entitled to a discount of 15 euros on the subscription rate. To receive the discount, it is necessary to show your Jenabonus-card each month at the Stadtwerke customer centre. Then, the discount will be applied to the next direct debit. 


Do you still have any questions? No problem at all, our VMT-service hotline is there for you:  0361 19449