Post-EEG: What you need to consider for your PV-system after the subsidy ends

If your PV-system is more than 20 years old

You have decided early on to use environmentally friendly solar electricity and your PV-system is now getting on in years. Nevertheless, even after 20 years, this does not mean that its technical life span has been reached. However, the EEG subsidy for feeding the solar electricity generated into the grid is indeed coming to an end. What could be the next sensible steps?


Select from three possible connection types


Simply continue feeding in as usual

You can get by without any additional investment at all if you continue to feed all your solar power into the public grid. The EEG 2021 provides for a standard feed-in tariff until the end of 2027. However, this compensation that your grid operator has to pay for the electricity fed in is significantly lower than your previous feed-in tariff and is calculated from the market price minus a marketing flat rate.

This means that you can continue to operate your PV system as usual without technical changes and without additional costs until technical wear and tear - for the time being until the end of 2027.


Consume solar power yourself and feed only the surplus into the grid

Why not simply use your solar power yourself? All you need to do is convert your electricity meter. The energy you do not consume yourself, you feed into the pulic grid. This happens automatically, and, until the end of 2027, you receive a collection fee from your grid operator for the amount fed in. This is calculated from the market price minus a flat-rate marketing fee.

Since the collection fee is significantly lower than your previous compensation fo feed-in, it pays to consume as much solar-power as possible from your roof yourself. It is therefore advisable to think about retrofitting a battery storage system. In this way, you can use the solar power generated during the day also in the evening and at night - and thus cover up to 80 per cent of your electricity consumption from "your" solar power.


Replacing your PV-system

If you have the feeling that your PV-system is no longer achieving the desired results, it is best to have the actual wear and tear checked. If the repair costs are very high, we recommend dismantling the system and installing a new PV-system designed for your current electricity consumption. In this way, you can use your solar power yourself. Moreover, for your surplus electricity, you will receive the feed-in fee valid at the time of connection for 20 years.

Tip: We also offer a new PV-system with optional battery storage, heating element or wall-mounted charging station for an electric car. Whatever way you need it. We will be happy to advise you.