Save energy with your own balcony power plant

Even as a tenant, you can easily produce your own solar power. This is now possible with a plug-in mini PV-system - for example at the balcony railing. These PV solutions, also known as "balcony power plants", are small systems (max. 600 watts) that are plugged into the socket. Thus, the renewable energy produced flows directly into the domestic electricity circuit. By using the system to cover part of the consumption, the houseold's electricity costs can be reduced.

Balcony power plants for self-collection

Together with our cooperation partner - BürgerEnergie Jena eG - we offer you the opportunity to order your own PV balcony power plant. You can come to collect it directly in Jena.

Solar Modul

Your advantages

» Low-price complete package consisting of:
      2x 385W solar modules
      1 x inverter and device for power measurement (optional)
» Simple setup of the system
» Collection directly in Jena and therefore no additional shipping cost
» Active contribution to environmental protection

5 steps to your PV-balcony system

Registration of the system with the electricity grid operator:

Are there any subsidies for balcony power plants?

Currently, there is no nationwide funding for balcony power plants. The city of Jena has launched a funding programme for small PV-systems within the city area. The funding offered is to help to increase the attractiveness of renewable energy generation, and to aid to achieve the climate protection goals established by the Jena City Council.

Funding programme City of Jena