Tree felling and replanting in Naumburger Straße

Mar 7, 2024, 11:42:24 AM | Jenaer Nahverkehr I JES | Aktuelles, Pressemitteilungen | Bahn | Himmelreich

In the course of the track construction work in Naumburger Straße, further tree felling is expected to be carried out by Kommunalservice Jena next week from Monday, March 11. A total of eight sycamores have to be removed along the track system. A further three trees will be retained, but will have to be cut back considerably.

The tree felling was coordinated in on-site inspections with the Lower Nature Conservation Authority, the Jena municipal service responsible for maintenance and tree care and members of the tree protection commission. According to the experts, the necessary shaft work at a depth of up to 1.90 meters would destroy around a third of the trees' root system. As a result, their stability would no longer be guaranteed.

As a compensatory measure, Jena's local transport company is replanting a total of 21 trees along the route this fall. When replanting, care is now being taken to ensure that the trees are at a greater distance from the tracks and have a less wide crown and less extensive root system. In two years' time, the track system in Naumburger Straüe is also to be completed to form a green track, thus contributing to inner-city greening and improving the urban climate.