New ticket prices from August 1, 2024

Jun 28, 2024, 9:24:45 AM | Jenaer Nahverkehr I JES | Aktuelles, Pressemitteilungen | Bahn | Bus | JES
Use up unvalued tickets by October 31

There will be a fare adjustment in the Central Thuringia Transport Association (VMT) from August 1, 2024. On average, fares will increase by 9.97 percent. This also applies to local transport in Jena and JES Verkehrsgesellschaft.

This will apply in August 2024

The fare adjustments will take effect on August 1, 2024. A single journey in Jena will then cost 2.70 euros (previously 2.50 euros). The single trip for children will rise to 1.80 euros (previously 1.70 euros). From August, a VMT hopper ticket will cost 7.40 euros and 12.10 euros respectively instead of 6.70 euros and 11.00 euros (one-way and return).

Germany ticket price remains at 49 euros

The increase affects all price levels and fare products, with the exception of the Deutschlandticket (49 euros per month). This price stability is possible in this case because the Free State of Thuringia is providing separate funding for the Deutschlandticket with the support of the federal government.

&strong>Transitional arrangements for old tickets

Unvalidated tickets for the old fare can still be used until October 31, 2024. After this date, these tickets will lose their validity, but can be exchanged for the new valid fare at the Stadtwerke Jena Customer Center from 1 November 2024 until 31 January 2025 at the latest.

This is why prices are rising

An increase of almost 10% is necessary as the massive price rises of recent years could not be offset by previous fare adjustments and the economic situation of the transport companies remains extremely tense. In particular, the enormous increases in energy prices since 2022 and new wage settlements for staff are causing cost increases for transport companies.

Could the increased costs in 2022 and 2023 still be offset by special financial aid from the Free State of Thuringia from the Thuringia Energy Crisis and Corona Pandemic Aid Fund in the amount of 25 million euros?25 million, no further special financial aid will be available to the association members from 2024, meaning that the cost increases will have to be passed on proportionately to the ticket prices.

The price table valid from August 1, 2024 can be found here