Counting severely disabled people on buses and trains

Feb 15, 2024, 12:28:29 PM | Jenaer Nahverkehr I JES | Aktuelles, Pressemitteilungen | Bahn | Bus

On behalf of Jena's public transport system, severely disabled people will be counted in the vehicles in four different phases this year. The first count will start on Monday, February 19, 2022 and will extend over a period of three weeks. The aim is to record the proportion of users with a disability card.

In addition, semester ticket users will be counted.

The interviewers are on randomly selected journeys on all Jena public transport lines and ask passengers about the type of ticket they use. Participation in the survey is voluntary and takes less than a minute. No personal data will be requested.

Local public transport asks its passengers to support the survey staff in their work. All interviewers carry a personalized ID card with the words „Schwerbehindertenzählung 2024“ on it.