SEV line E optimized from 1 July 2024

Jun 28, 2024, 11:44:58 AM | Jenaer Nahverkehr I JES | Aktuelles, Pressemitteilungen | Bahn | Bus
Change from bus to streetcar towards the city center at the Nordschule stop

The route of the rail replacement service (SEV) line E will be optimized from Monday, 1 July 2024 in line with the current construction site situation. The changes affect the route of the SEV coming from the north during the day and at night.

  • In future, the buses on route E will no longer enter Scharnhorststraße in the direction of the city, but will remain on Dornburger Straße. The Scharnhorststraße and Nordschule tram stops will be served. Passengers can change to the streetcar in the direction of the city center at the Nordschule stop. The Nollendorfer Platz replacement stop, which is located in the city center, will be removed.
  • The Scharnhorststraße and Nordschule stops will also be served by the night bus service on line E, which runs to the city center.
  • In the direction of Zwätzen, the route remains unchanged and continues to run via Camburger Straäe and Scharnhorststraße.
  • All information on the timetables can be found in the MeinJena app and at the stops from July 1, 2024.

    VMT service telephone: 0361 19449