Changed streetcar network and rail replacement service during the 2024 summer vacations

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Modernization measures on the rail infrastructure and supply lines

With the start of, during and after this year's summer vacations, Jena's public transport system is pursuing important construction projects to modernize the rail infrastructure and to upgrade the network for the Lichtbahn service. These measures are essential for a future-proof and reliable public transport system that ultimately benefits all passengers.

At the same time, Stadtwerke Jena Netze is renewing supply lines. With the start of the vacations from Thursday, June 20, 2024, this work will result in a modified streetcar network and rail replacement services in Jena. JES Verkehrsgesellschaft passengers will also have to adjust to a longer detour route for bus line 410 due to construction work.


Important measures and construction projects:

1st extension of bus line 15

The bus line 15 will be supplemented by a total of three pairs of buses in late-night services. In future, buses will also run hourly between Rautal and Westbahnhof after 21:00. This measure is initially designed as a pilot project for 18 months and will be evaluated after 12 months.


2. construction work at Ernst-Abbe-Platz (EAP)

Time period: June 20 until probably the end of the year.
• Reasons: Worn track systems, points, overhead lines and track control will be renewed.
• Restrictions: Parts of the EAP will be closed. Pedestrian passages will remain usable. Car and truck traffic is only possible via the passage to Krautgasse.


3rd renewal of gas and water pipes in Kahlaische Straße
• Period: June 20 to July 31, 2024.
• Reasons: Gas replacement program: precautionary replacement of existing, poorly insulated steel pipes with stainless plastic pipes; replacement of drinking water pipes
• Restrictions: Complete closure of Kahlaische Strasse in the area between house no. 66 to no. 68 and house no. 46 to the Beutenbergstrasse junction. Detour of traffic via Stadtrodaer Straße and Winzerlaer Straße. Here you can find the traffic concept.


4th track and overhead line work in Naumburger Straße
• Period: October 2023 to July 31, 2024 Remaining work until autumn 2024
• Current status: New overhead line masts have been installed, media lines have been replaced, track will be laid from July 19. Commissioning of new rectifier substation at the end of July.


5th renewal of the overhead line at the Nordschule/Altenburger Straße
• Period: June 20 to probably Easter 2025.
• Measures: 13 catenary masts will be erected during the summer vacation. A further 20 masts will be installed by the end of the year. The new contact wire will be pulled during the 2025 Easter vacations.


Changes to the tram network and rail replacement services in Jena:

Straßenbahn-Linie 1             Lobeda-West – Göschwitz – Stadtzentrum Holzmarkt  
Straßenbahn-Linie 4            Lobeda-West – Lobeda – Stadtzentrum Holzmarkt  
Straßenbahn-Linie 5              Lobeda-Ost – Lobeda – Stadtzentrum Löbdergraben – Nordschule  


The Ernst-Abbe-Platz stop is not served


Rail replacement service line E  Zwätzen – Nordschule (night service to/from Holzmarkt city center)
The rail replacement service serves all (replacement) stops of the streetcar. 
The rail replacement service departs from the Nordschule at a temporary platform on the approach to the depot.
The bus route 42 between Himmelreich and Zwätzen is integrated into the rail replacement service. The Stifterstraße bus stop will not be served.

Straßenbahn-Linie 2             Jena-Ost – Stadtzentrum Löbdergraben – Felsenkeller  
Straßenbahn-Linie 3             Lobeda-Ost – Lobeda-West – Burgaupark – Winzerla – Ringwiese  

There is no service between the Felsenkeller and Ringwiese stops 
Passengers traveling between Winzerla and the city center should use the following bus lines bus lines 10 and 12 as well as the transfer point at Burgaupark between streetcar lines 1, 4 and 5 and streetcar line 3.  

&Amendments on bus line 410:

Due to a full closure of the B7 between the municipalities of Trotz and Droschka, buses on route 410 will be running along a detour route: From Thursday, 20. From Thursday, June 20, 2024 until the end of the summer vacations, the line will start earlier from the first stop in Jena, as well as in the opposite direction from Eisenberg, in order to reach all bus and train connections at the respective line end point.

The local community of Droschka cannot be served during this time due to a lack of local turning facilities. The buses will turn at the bus stop "Bürgel, Wendeschleife" and will be diverted via Hohendorf without stopping in either direction.

At weekends, line 410 will be operated with a partially modified timetable.

Note for passengers: All information on the current timetables can be found in the MeinJena app and here


Für the detailed network plan click here.


Photo: Track work in Naumburger Straße: The two switches for the future track change are unloaded and laid out. © Jenaer Nahverkehr; Frank Schein