Using self-generated solar power also for charging e-cars 

The perfect combination of solar system, storage and wallbox

Driving your e-car becomes especially eco-friendly and economical when you charge it with electricity generated from your own PV-system. With our combi-product „SonnenLaden“ , you receive a perfectly balanced package of solar roof, battery storage and wallbox - everything from a single source and including installation package. 

In this way you make yourself less dependant on the energy market, and your property fit for the future. 

Our combi-product complies with the conditions for funding by KfW-Förderung 442 „Solarstrom für Elektroauto“.

Your PLUS(+) - advantages with the All-in-One-package


With solar roof, you collect solar energy. 

Battery storage

The battery automatically stores the surplus solar energy. 


With the charging station, you can refuel the e-car with solar energy. 

Installation package

Relax. Installation, fitting and frame are included. 


SonnenLaden — the suitable combi-product 

SonnenLaden is our combination of PV-system, battery storage and wallbox. 

In the standard package, all components are pre-configured regarding size and output so that they ideally fit an average residential building and its energy demand. 
Your advantage: You receive our package for a fixed price and thus enjoy more plannability.

Do you wish for an individuall combi-package fit for funding? We will be happy to create a SonnenLaden-product adapted to your personal needs. 

Our wallboxes at a glance

  The special thing about it: From us, you get the wallbox in combination with an installation package. 

Our standard package

Secure your pre-configured complete package at a fixed price.

SonnenLaden standard

pre-configured package to a fixed price
ideal for electricity consumption 
of 4,000 up to 6,000 kWh/year

Content Standard-Package

  • Consulting and planning on site 
    Costs for Solardach-Check already included in the fixed price

  • 6 kWp PV-system
    with 15 PV-modules by Hanwha QCells á 400 Watt and KOSTAL inverter

  • Battery storage
    BYD storage with 5.1 kWh capacity

  • Wallbox
    KOSTAL ENECTOR with 11 kW charging capacity

  • Installation, fitting, scaffold
    Kombi-package incl. installation, fitting and scaffold

  • Available now without any extra costs

Our price offer        22,798 € 1)

Price with KfW-allowance 17,348 € 1, 2)

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1) The prices include 0% VAT on PV power and 19% VAT on the wallbox.

2) Currently, the subsidies are exhausted.
More details on the topic in the information on KfW-subsidy

Our individual package

Implement your personal PV-project – eligible for funds and from a single source. 

SonnenLaden individual

Combi of PV-system, storage and wallbox
Sample-package for electricity consumption
of 4,000 up to 6,000 kWh/year

Contents sample-combi-package 

  • Counselling on site and planning
    Solardach-Check (fee-based, chargeable service) 

  • 6 kWp PV-system
    with 15 glass-foil-module á 405 Watt and compatible inverter 

  • compatible battery storage 
    with 8.25 kWh storage capacity

  • compatible Wallbox
    suitable for PV-controlled charging

  • Installation, fitting and scaffold
    Combi-package incl. installation, fitting and allocation of scaffold



Our purchasing price       from 20,799 € 1)

Funding possible with KfW-Zuschuss 442 2)

Realize combi-package now


1) The prices include 0% VAT on PV power and 19% VAT on the wallbox.

2) Currently, the subsidies are exhausted.
More details on the KfW-subsidy at


 3 Steps to your individual combi-package

Realize your combi package eligible for funding - tailored to your home and energy demand - simple and everything from a single source 

Die Leistungen im Solardach-Check

Der Solardach-Check enthält die folgenden Serviceleistungen:

  • Objektbesichtigung und ausführliche Vor-Ort-Beratung durch einen zertifizierten, regionalen Handwerkspartner
  • Zustandserfassung des Gebäudes und der elektrischen Anlage sowie Prüfung hinsichtlich geplanter Insatallation
  • Absprache und Klärung der technischen Umsetzung
  • Standortwahl für die jeweiligen Komponenten
  • Ergebnisprotokoll als Basis für eine konkrete Angebotserstellung

Jetzt Solardach-Check beauftragen


A good consultation saves time & money

Especially for larger projects, you should seek good advice before making a purchase and never save expenses. These combined products require extensive technical expertise, detailed consultations and the coordination of several trades.

It is important to find out exactly what your requirements are and which component mix is best for you. At the same time, all technical and structural requirements for your planned project need to be professionally checked. 

Our Solardach-Check includes all of this. It provides you with detailed on-site advice and technical expertise from our specialised trade partners.


Start your own project and simply book your personal consultation using the 

Request form for the Solardach-Check

Services included in the Solardach-Check

The Solardach-Check costs 269 € and includes the following services: 

Property inspection and detailed on-site consultation by a certified, regional trade partner

  • Condition assessment of the building and the electrical system as well as inspection of the planned installation
  • Consultation and clarification of the technical implementation
  • Choice of location for the respective components
  • Results report as the basis for a concrete proposal preparation