Hybrid heating - combine your existing condensing boilers with a heat-pump 

Are you thinking about buying a heat pump? But you don't want to use electric heating on particularly cold days?

Then we recommend combining your existing gas or oil condensing boiler with the heat pump.

The heat pump covers the main part of the heat generation. The condensing boiler will be switched on as required.

 Your advantages at a glance   

When combining a heat pump and gas condensing boiler, the environmentally friendly heat pump often takes over the main operation during the year, thus reducing fuel consumption. The gas heating only needs to be added when the outside temperature is very low.

The basic heating load is covered all year round by a highly efficient heat pump. The fossil fuelled heat generator - for example the gas heating system - stands by for the times when a particularly large amount of heat is required (peak loads).

An intelligent control technology automatically selects the most favourable and efficient operating mode. In this way, heat is generated not only more economically, but also more ecologically than with a monovalent heating system.

High operational availability and reliability thanks to the use of two independent heat generators.

Two heat generators with different heating outputs can be combined very flexibly to suit the respective objectives.

From planification to installation and maintenance.

 3 Steps to your individual heat-pump

Customised to your building and your heating requirements - that's how it should be, your new heating system. In just 3 steps, you can supply yourself with your own environmentally friendly heat.

Services included in the heat-pump check

The heat-pump check includes the following services: 

  • Property inspection and detailed on-site consultation by a certified, regional trade partner
  • Assessment of the condition of the building and the electrical system as well as inspection of the planned installation
  • Consultation and clarification of the technical implementation
  • Choice of location for the system components
  • Results report as the basis for a concrete quotation

Order heat-pump check now

Is hybrid-heating possible at your place? 
The heat-pump check gives you certainty. 

Why is it worth to conduct a check? 

Especially in the case of larger investments or complex technical projects, make sure that you inform yourself well before purchasing, ask for detailed advice and do not cut costs. 

The heat-pump check is the first step in realising your individual hybrid-heating project. At the same time, it prevents you from taking false decisions. You do not only find out, if your building is suitable for a heat-pump, but it will also be assessed, if a combination with your existing heating system is possible and sensible. 

The heat-pump check is a chargeable service and will be billed. The costs will be included in the total price when our offer is commissioned

Services included in the heat-pump check

  • Property inspection and detailed on-site consultation by a certified, regional trade partner
  • Assessment whether the property is fundamentally suitable for the installation of a heat pump
  • Examination regarding the condition of the system (heating installation) and check whether the heat pump system can be integrated
  • Choice of location for the components
  • Technical information on components and possible integration of other sectors (photovoltaics, battery storage)
  • Results report as basis for preparing an offer

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