Our values

For a trustful cooperation

Whether young or old, family or single, with children or pets – people need a home. As the largest housing company in Jena and Thuringia, we create residential- and living spaces, opportunities for personal development and for retreat, centres of one's life for dreaming and growing together.

We design neighborhoods for all phases of life and individual desires, taking care of them with friendly staff and numerous all-round services. Thanks to many years of experience and the proximity to our tenants, we have solutions for social and societal issues, but also ideas and projects to strengthen our region – as an employer, as a cultural and sports promoter, and as a partner for regional initiatives and associations.


jenawohnen. More than four walls.

Fast, directly and personally - this is how we answer our customer's questions. Also the uncomfortable ones! Be it per phone, e-mail or direct contact at the Service-Centre - our employees are there for you in all life situations and have many suggestions regarding residency and tenancy.  

Again and again, it becomes evident: our tenants want to feel at home - in a safe environment, in modern and attractive flats. That is why we have developed targeted offers for families with children, senior citizens, students or single households, which respond to the different housing preferences. 

We take the opinions and demands of our tenants quite seriously. This is why we regularly organise tenant-surveys and also enter into direct dialogue with you, e. g. during events or apartment search itself. What we learn in this way is an important incentive for our daily work. 

With friendly staff and numerous all-round service, we are dedicated to living in and around Jena, but also to social and societal issues. We want to actively contribute to strengthening the region - as an employer, as a promoter of culture and sports, as a partner for associations. With heart and soul, openness, interest and love for the region. 

We offer apartments that are affordable and payable also in future. We support all persons that are looking for an apartment with a free service. In most cases, this 'credit of trust' is recompensed with a longterm tenancy, leading to a close and advantageous relationship between the two sides - our tenants and us.