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Young, innovative, dynamic: this is Jena. A city with a rich past and great tradition. Jena has many faces. This versatility also characterizes the cityscape. Each district has its own character, its own unmistakable atmosphere, and its own convinced residents who wouldn't trade their neighborhood for any other.

Looking for a home that's right for you? We'd love to help you find it. From urban to idyllic, from historically grown to modern – Jena offers something for every taste.


Our apartments in Jena

As the largest housing company in Jena, jenawohnen has rental apartments of around 14,440 housing units, including 3,933 apartments in the center of Jena and Jena Nord, 6,666 apartments in Jena Lobeda, 3,445 apartments in Winzerla and a small stock of apartments in Blankenhain and Hermsdorf.

Whether low-cost apartment, historic villa, renovated old building or ecological new building: We offer living space for a wide variety of requirements.

We are accompanying the dynamic development of the city of Jena with an ambitious new construction program. In terms of family-friendly living and accessibility, our residential buildings leave nothing to be desired. At the same time, we are expanding our range of upscale housing and are also expanding into the surrounding area of Jena.


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Jena's Neighbourhood

Unique, diverse, special & beautiful 

Living in the centre of Jena


"Living on historical ground"


A sophisticated cultural landscape, varied shopping and leisure facilities, short distances to work and a diversity of educational offers characterize the city centre of Jena. 

You will feel it clearly when you stroll on warm summer evenings across the historic market place: Living here is quite pleasant. In the streets and alleys close-by, there is a relaxed, almost Mediterranean atmosphere. There is life everywhere: the streets are populated by locals, tourists and many students. Everywhere you can feel the famous past of the city, but, at the same time, Jena fascinates with youthful charm.

Jena's beautiful location also contributes to its living comfort. The ways from the „small city“ into nature are not far, even for older tenants. The idyllic valley of the Saale and the surrounding Kernberge offer opportunities for many leisure activities.

There are many good reasons to choose an apartment in the center of Jena: 

  • optimal transport connections
  • various shopping and leisure facilities
  • vicinity to educational institutions such as schools, kindergartens and university
  • located close to nature with many excursion possibilities
  • various cultural offers


Living in Jena Lobeda

"Bigger than you think"


Our range of apartments in Lobeda-Ost, Lobeda-West and Lobeda-Altstadt includes refurbished and partially refurbished apartments in all price segments. The rental apartments vary in size and equipment - they have balconies, elevators, a view of the Saale Valley or of the Jena city centre. 

We attach particular importance to an attractive, family-friendly design of the living environment. Large, spacious lawns and well-maintained playgrounds and barbecue areas create a pleasant environment.

The settlement at the foot of the Lobdeburg was built in the 1960s to 1980s in multi-storey construction. With shops, pharmacies and supermarkets, a swimming pool and a district library, Lobeda is a real city within a city. Various types of schools are available. The hospital and numerous licensed physicians offer excellent health care.

Lobeda is conveniently located and close to nature. It has a good connection to the freeway and an excellently developed tram network. Popular destinations such as the Drackendorfer Park, the Saale meadows or the Lobdeburg are within short walking distance.

The district Lobeda in the south of Jena has an excellent infrastructure with many shopping, service and leisure facilities.

Our tenants appreciate the numerous advantages of Lobeda Ost, Lobeda West and Lobeda Old Town. They know that Jena Lobeda means more than just „Platte“ (prefabricated builidng) and have consciously chosen Lobeda when looking for housing. Lobeda's residential environment offers:

  • scenic charming surroundings
  • nature only a few minutes' walk away
  • best transport connections
  • good shopping and recreational facilities
  • excellent medical infrastructure
  • rent offers in all price segments

Living in Jena Winzerla 

"Close to nature and family-friendly!"

With more than 3,400 apartments, we are the largest housing provider in Jena Winzerla and give this district its special face. Lovingly maintained front yards, colourfully planted balconies, lively children's playgrounds and cozy outdoor seating areas for exchanging ideas among neighbours – all this is what our residential quarter in Winzerla has to offer. Both families and seniors find an attractive living environment here. In Winzerla, we are increasingly adapting our apartments to the needs of older tenants. Families particularly appreciate the good infrastructure, the attractive leisure facilities for children and young people, and the great variety of educational opportunities, including alternative educational concepts.

A further advantage is the beautiful situation of the district in the southwest of Jena. With the optimal connections to public transport and the highway, you can easily and quickly get from Winzerla to the countryside.

The district is located in the southwest of Jena.

The good connection to the city and the proximity to the countryside are only two of the many advantages that living in Winzerla has to offer.  When looking for an apartment in Jena Winzerla, you benefit, among other things, from:

  • a beautiful location in nature
  • a well-kept residential environment
  • good connections to the city
  • close proximity to attractive employers
  • a very good transport connection and
  • a favorable rent-value ratio


Living in Jena Ost

A district with village character


Picturesquely situated between Jenzig and Fuchsturm, the lovable quarter scores with excellent leisure time facilities and good options in the educational and care sectors.

Jena Ost derives its charm from its diversity. Around the traditional Schillerkirche, the district has retained an almost rural character, while, not far from it, you can find family-friendly housing estates, urban villas and homes. Two popular Jena destinations attract in the immediate vicinity: the Jenzig, Jena's highest elevation, and the Fuchsturm, from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the city.

It takes only a few minutes to walk or bike from Jena Ost to the city center. Several schools and daycare centers, sports fields and a large outdoor pool are what makes the neighbourhood on the right side of the Saale attractive for young families. 

But whether young or old – the proximity to nature and the variety of hiking trails and destinations around Jena Ost is probably appreciated by all generations. Jena Ost impresses with

  • a mixed neighbourhood with family-friendly residential buildings, city villas and private homes
  • a scenic location
  • a proximity to the city center with its diverse cultural and recreational offers
  • a variety of educational and childcare facilities
  • hiking trails, natural monuments and sports facilities nearby
  • and innovative housing


Living in Jena Nord

Beautiful location with a view of the Saale Valley


The north of Jena is great and bevoming popular. Due to the good city connections and a scenic location with a view of the Saale Valley, more and more people are looking for rental apartments in Jena Nord.

In Jena Nord, buildings from the Gründerzeit are mixed with multi-storey buildings from the 1960s. The city center can be reached quickly by bus and tram. A variety of shopping facilities, a great variety of schools and childcare, playgrounds and leisure facilities are further advantages. It's no wonder that more and more young families are finding their home in our apartments in Jena Nord.

Last but not least, the proximity to nature also contributes to this popularity. The way to the Saaleaue is not far, and destinations such as Jenzig and Kunitzburg are easy to reach. For those who like it more contemplative, the beautiful view of the Saale valley offers the opportunity for rest and relaxation.

Apartments in Jena North are increasingly in demand. Among other things, this is due to

  • the scenic surroundings and short distances to the countryside
  • the wonderful excursion possibilities into the Saale valley
  • good educational and childcare facilities
  • many shopping possibilities
  • and the good connection to the city center

Living in Jena West

Mix of old villas, large estates and city houses


The popular western quarter impresses with a charming mixture of old villas, large gardens and attractive city houses. Here, you live close to nature, but are also quickly in the city center.

The surroundings of the popular district are particularly attractive. The Mühltal between Sonnenberge and Jenaer Forst offers many excursion possibilities. Walkers get their money's worth in the forest with its well-signposted hiking trails, snug resting places and the beautifully located pub. The Sonnenberge on the other side of the valley entice with magnificent views.


It takes only a few minutes to walk along the Leutra into the center with its diverse cultural and recreational offerings. The good transport connections, the proximity to schools and day care centers, sports and playgrounds is appreciated by many young families. But Jena West has much more to offer:

  • very good, family-friendly residential areas
  • apartments in Jena West are close to the city and close to nature
  • Jena West is very well connected in terms of infrastructures
  • sports facilities and playgrounds, as well as schools and daycare centers nearby
  • a scenic environment with high recreational value

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