Application for Housing Allowance

Cooperation with the housing allowance office

The purpose of housing allowance is to help make housing costs affordable for low-income households.

Are you entitled to receive housing allowance? Important contact addresses and competent contact persons as well as comprehensive information can be found on the website of the housing allowance office Jena.



 Housing allowance office Jena

What is housing allowance?

People who cannot afford adequate housing on the housing market from their own financial efforts receive a government subsidy on top of the rental costs, which is intended to ensure adequate and family-friendly housing: the so-called housing allowance (German: Wohngeld). The housing allowance is a – albeit small – compensation for many government regulations that make housing more expensive. Housing has been recognized by the state as a basic need of every human being and is therefore supported. If you meet the eligibility requirements, you have a right to receive the housing allowance and should take advantage of it!
However, it should not be confused with the so-called "costs of accommodation". These are part of the basic security in the context of social assistance.


Who can apply for housing allowance? 

All persons who live for rent and whose monthly household income is below a certain income limit are eligible for the housing allowance. For example, a single-person household in Munich with 1,700 € monthly income (gross) can still receive a small housing allowance. For single pensioners, a claim should be checked for a pension of 1,000 euros or more, regardless of where they live. No claim to housing allowance have recipients of social assistance, Arbeitslosengeld II (German unemployment benefit) or BAföG, since their housing costs are already taken into account in the context of their other benefits.

How is the housing allowance calculated?

The amount of housing benefit is based on the number of household members, the rent and the total income. As household members count spouses or registered partners, persons who live with the housing allowance beneficiary or are willing to bear responsibility for each other. They also include relatives in a straight line, such as children, foster children and foster parents. The more persons live in the household, the higher the income limit.


Rent level IV in Jena

The calculation of housing allowance is based on rent levels. Municipalities and districts are divided into rent levels from I to VI based on the average local rent level. This means that it is not necessarily the rent you actually pay that counts, but fixed maximum amounts that depend on the rent levels. Jena was classified as rent level IV. As total income, your gross income counts. From this amount, depending on the payment of taxes, health and long-term contributions to care and pension insurances are deducted.

Where do I get housing allowance?

You can apply for housing allowance at the housing allowance office of the city of Jena. Application forms are available at the Citizens Registrations Office (Bürgeramt), Löbdergraben 12, and at the housing allowance office of the Jena city administration in the building of the employment office (Agentur für Arbeit). 


From when and for how long is the housing allowance granted?

Housing allowance is granted from the month in which the application was submitted and is usually approved for 12 months. After that, a new application is required. If you are already receiving housing allowance, you do not have to submit a new application due to the new legal regulations. However, this also applies only within the approval period.