The creative Baubüro - about the project

Using space creatively, implementing your own living ideas: This is the trend. Many people want to do it themselves and design their home according to their own ideas. With our Baubüro, a creative space temporarily established in Lobeda-West, we take up this development. In the Baubüro, we want to make it possible to experience how one can creatively deal with existing living space. Even a standardized floor plan in the „slab“ offers many possibilities for a highly individual home.

We have deliberately chosen Stauffenbergstraße 10, directly behind Kaufland, as our location. With our Baubüro being located on the first floor of a 60s-prefabricated building, we ourselves provide an example of how existing space can be used creatively and how rooms can be interpreted in an innovative way. Until a few years ago, the former store gallery housed the flower store Magic Flowers. Today, the two sparsely furnished rooms breathe a young, creative spirit. Floor-to-ceiling windows give space to the eye, walls of exposed concrete create a feeling of openness and allow thoughts to wander. A place made for artists and creative people.

The Baubüro is used for a variety of activities: as a contact point for tenants, as a gallery and place for exhibitions, but also as a space for workshops and creative projects around the topic of living. This is where people can build and craft, where ideas, concepts and new urban projects are to be created. The Baubüro sees itself as a platform for artists, art lovers and residents of the district.

Because: Lobeda and art – this has always been a special relationship. In no other district are there as many works of art in public spaces as in Lobeda. This is no coincidence.


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Past projects:

  • Art exhibitions
    Different art exhibitions by Stefan Lenke, Romy Friedewald, Guido Zimmermann and many more were presented at the Baubüro 
  • Workshops
    ...for example the DIY-balcony-workshop. We digged, shoveled and planted. During this workshop, we planted flowers into flower boxes and jenawohnen-cups for our own balconys and received helpful hints and tricks from gardening specialists. 
    Also, a workshop on macramé was offered, where various knotted artworks were created under professional guidance.
  • Flea- & creative fleamarkets
    Here, salesmen and -women have the opportunity to offer a variety of creative things, ranging from the classic bic-a-brac to hand-made jewellery. 
  • Concerts
    Amongst others, the producer-duo "Klinke auf Cinch" has been able to perform with finest electronic sounds, as well as the musical duo HOOP. 
  • Art tours around Lobeda
    In no other district does art in public space play such a large role as in Lobeda. In an art tour, Doris Weilandt showed what hidden treasures there are to discover in her district.